Soccer ball and Guitar



I love playing soccer and basketball, but I'm much more interested in watching sports. I watch any and every sport, but my favorite is soccer. The soccer team I support is called Arsenal Football Club. It's an English team, based in London, and I am a very very VERY avid fan. I may as well call it an obsession. I also really enjoy watching basketball, football, athletics, Formula 1 racing and rugby. My favourite sports teams are the Gators, the Baltimore Ravens and the English and Nigerian national teams for all sports.


Listening to music is one of my favorite things. I probably spend at least three hours a day listening to music, mostly while being distracted from actually working. I love discovering new music so I try to be very open to different genres and sounds. I'm a very big fan of motown, soul, jazz and rock 'n' roll, but I also really love a lot of current pop, hip-hop and indie music. I play the guitar, and I'm a proud owner of a beautiful ovation guitar that I hardly have the time to play. I also enjoy singing, mostly in the shower and other discrete places.

[Reading and Writing]

Apart from writing for journalism, I also enjoy creative writing. I've found writing poetry and lyrics to be a very good coping mechanism. In addition to that, I find reading quit therapeutic when I get the chance to do it. I mostly enjoy reading non-fiction and poetry, but I'm always down for a little C. S. Lewis or Shakespearean fiction.