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"They take journalism really seriously because they know the force that it is and can be."
∼ Christiane Amanpour

I am mainly a print journalist, but I have had some training in photography and web design (I hand-coded this website). In summer 2011, I spent 10 weeks working at The Miami Herald in Pembroke Pines and writing about three or four stories each week. I also collected audio for and scripted a radio piece, which you can find below, for NPR's WLRN Miami Herald News in conjuction with a print article.

In addition, I have had stories published in The Gainesville Sun, The North Florida Herald and The Independent Florida Alligator. I am currently writing and editing international stories for the Medical Tourism Magazine, a publication of the Medical Tourism Association, a non-profit organization that provides health information to tourists seeking medical treatment overseas.

Daniela Abratt reporting a story at FPL about the Secretary of Labor. Photo by: Emily Michot

Below are links to a few of my clips:

This text introduced the radio piece:
"There's a growing attraction at a local Moose Lodge in Broward County. Every Thursday, a crowd of more than 40 musicians piles on stage with banjos, keyboards, drums, glockenspiels, saxophones, accordions and bass guitars. They are the Broward County Mummers, a group that pays homage to the long-standing tradition of the Philadelphia New Year's Mummers Parade — when costumed marching bands dance in the streets. As Miami Herald Reporter Daniela Abratt explains, it's a toned-down homage these days since the youngest member of the Broward group is 55 and the oldest is 86." ⇒ Listen to the radio piece.

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