It's not houses I love, it's the life I live in them. | Coco Chanel

tablescape As a student, I prefer my apartment to the library; because I'm home often, my living space is incredibly important to me.I do a lot of studying from my couch, and what I mean by that is, I spend a lot of time sitting on my couch attempting school reading, only to get up and re-arrange the furniture, create a tablescape (like the one pictured at right) or add a clipping or family beach photo to my inspiration board. You say procrastination, but I say passion (interpret that how you will).

The above quote is taken from the spine of the October 2007 issue of Domino Magazine, which, sadly, is no longer in print. R.I.P. that late, great tome of decorating wisdom, whose monthly arrival gave me fresh perspective, countless inspiration, a reason to live . . .

red octopus The good news is, many electronic publications and bloggers have followed the trail blazed by Domino and offer tips, resources and furniture suggestions that don't (necessarily) cost more than my cumulative income from the past decade, before taxes. Lonny Magazine has a handy electronic format that resembles the real deal; out of Gainesville, The Love List embraces a Southern, beach-chic aesthetic; and my close friend and decorating wunderkind Nick Olsen is worth a read even if you're perfectly happy with your not-so-gently used, powder blue, velour sectional (my living room, sophomore year of college): his talent might arguably be eclipsed only by his biting wit.