I love postcards

my postcard collection

A postcard is a print carrier of local memory and culture.
A postcard is like a search engine of feelings when memory becomes blurry.

For the receiver, a postcard contains the happiness of uncertainty.
Words at the back blank connect the sender and the receiver.

"Sending a postcard is, like the act of painting, a slow form of conveyance, yet once received the item is often cherished forever." Robert Fitzmaurice, a printer.

I love food and cooking

shrimp I make

There is a saying in China that a well-filled stomach is indeed a great thing and all else is luxury.
Chinese people live to eat not eat to live. And definitely I am one of them.
I enjoy the pleasure that tasteful food gives me, just like what a madeleine cake gave to Marcel Proust.

Cooking is like making the memory for the people who will have it.
Cooking is a decoration of my daily life. A part of my life lies on the different combinations of food and dressings. New and yummy flavors refresh my day but bad ones cloud my mood.

I love the Chinese calligraphy

my calligraphy

The Chinese calligraphy is considered as an art.

I have practiced it since elementary school. For me, writing calligraphy is a way of reaching Zen. Both my hands and mind would be fully occupied by the writing. The focus and slow movement of writing calm me down and relieve the pressure.