In middle school, I used to print off my own newspaper called the "Spence Gazette," and would deliver it to every bedroom door in my house. I would write about things going on in the house, things that interested me, my sports games, and would even put in a section assigning chores to everyone in the house. So, I guess you could say my love for writing began when I was young.

Being that I have always loved writing, of course I wanted to become a journalism major. Honestly, I can't see myself doing anything but writing. I don't want to be that person that hates their job, dreads going to work every day, and comes home and is miserable. To me, writing is inspiring. Everyone reads, even if it's only what they like. Knowing that someone reads my work, is like knowing that I can reach a group of people and motivate them, and maybe even change someone's life. You can't do that anywhere else and that is what attracts me to writing. I love how easy it is to express myself through writing.

I hope to one day write a book or two. I currently am in the process of working on a blog based on shoes. I also have another blog that is called The World According to Jules.

I am currently taking JOU 3101, which is a reporting class. I am waiting to hear if a few of my articles will be published in the Alligator.