As any other female, I enjoy shopping for clothes and helping friends pick out outfits, especially shoes. I have an eye for colors and love to cordinate things together.

Fashion SketchWhen I was 17 years old, I moved out to California to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I decided to major in fashion design. I wanted to design clothes that were cute but simple, and eventually design shoes, specifically flats. Once I had my first collection of flats, I wanted to perfect the high heel and make it more comfortable. I still plan to one day achieve that goal.

At FIDM, I learned to sew, sketch, and how to make my own patterns for clothing. I also learned about textures and colors. I learned which textures catch on fire and don't, which ones best absorb water, and how different textures are affected by different temperatures and in different atmospheres.

I ultimately wanted to learn to design shoes, but it is something I plan to learn on the side. One day, I hope to have my own shoe line and display themFashion Sketch in my very own magazine.

Unfortunately, my time ended early in California due to an illness in the family. I did not get to complete everything I wanted to while I was there, but I plan to return. I am looking forward to applying for internships for this upcoming summer somewhere in the field of magazines and television.

As I said, during my time spent at FIDM I learned to sketch croquis and clothing. I learned to blend colors and how to shade in areas where it is needed. Here are some of my sketches, take a look!