My Travels


I love to travel. I’ve spent time in the Middle East, Europe and the Caribbean, but I also love to discover fun and exciting cities stateside. I am a lover of any activity that keeps my feet moving and my mind engaged. Recently, I took a trip to Colorado where I hiked Copper Mountain and took pictures of the gorgeous landscape while ascending to over 13,000 feet.

Some of my favorite U.S. cities are Boston, Chicago and New York City.


This past summer, Michael and I went to Nassau, Bahamas. We decided that this trip, unlike many of the others (typically cruises with a one-day stop in the various islands) would be dedicated to "doing as the locals do." We asked cab drivers to take us to the local conch shacks; we asked young people where they went out at night. We ended up in an area of the island affectionately known as "Fish Fry," an open-air food court of sorts. There was music and dancing, as well as plenty of young people to learn from.

My favorite travel destination thus far is Italy. I ate my way through the country, enjoying glasses of wine, personal-sized pizzas, and decadent pastas. On my Italian vacation, I visited Venice and areas of Tuscany. On the trip, I learned that many people mistake Tuscany for a city when, actually, it is a region of the country.