My Hobbies


Exercise releases endorphins. I find that I am healthier, mind and body, when I exercise. Typically, I work out at the University of Florida gym.

I love to cook and make meals for friends and family. I always learn something new from the Food Network and can be found watching cooking shows in my spare time. I am a FIEND for chocolate and sweets -- my sweet tooth is one of my greatest weaknesses. My favorite evening would consist of a good glass of wine, a good movie, and a good laugh with friends.

I would love to someday review movies and plays. I am a lifetime lover of cinema and theater; I will see any play or movie once! I am a stickler for poor accents in movies and tend to be that "annoying whisperer" in most theater settings.


My favorite days, as much as I love the sun and the beach, are often rainy days. I love cat naps and snuggling up in bed with a good movie or book. I will never turn down quality time with people I love.

My boyfriend, Michael, is my best friend. I have a miniature black and tan Chihuahua named Ty who consumes much of my love and time. I enjoy reading, writing, running and Pilates.

Ultimately, I'd like to maintain my favorite hobby: writing. Upon graduation, I plan to move back to South Florida and jump headfirst back into the high-gloss world of editorial magazine writing and reporting.