A Little About Me

My name is Lindsay Shapiro, and I am a journalist.

Currently, I am a master's student at the University of Florida.

I am a Miami native who loves the world of editorial. My father, a Boston native, is a sportscaster in South Florida and I grew up with a passion for everything “journalism.”


I’ve worked as Assistant Editor at Ocean Drive magazine and as a frequent contributor to city and style magazines such as Six Degrees and 944. I enjoy reporting on the nation’s hottest scenes, critiquing cuisine and spirits, and chronicling the lives and careers of up-and-comers, mini-moguls and celebrities. As an undergraduate and graduate student at the University of Florida, I am a Gator fan and have also served as Executive Editor of the Orange and Blue magazine.

My mother is a petite Virginian firecracker with a southern sensibility and a down-to-earth persona. She is currently a professor of sports medicine, but has worked with professional and college-level sports teams. I have two gorgeous sisters who keep me balanced and remind me every day that I’m part of a female trifecta of love.

In this site, you will learn the following about me: