A picture of me at a beach in Cozumel

In the past (six months), I have traveled to three different countries: Belize, Roatan, and Mexico. I have difficulty admitting that I really traveled though because the ports were part of a cruise; the country and cruise line determined where the passengers went and what they saw.

Instead of cruising, I would like to spend more time at the beaches of Roatan and in the mountains, exploring the country as well as learning about the culture. I enjoyed snorkeling at the beaches there and was told of other beaches better known by locals and not as often visited by tourists. I would really like to see these reefs because the ones I snorkeled were beautiful but crowded.

Italy, Spain, France and Germany (basically Europe) are also on my agenda for travel. I have never been to Europe but intend to go- far before I’m too old to enjoy the food, long walks, sights and spontaneous outings.