I've taken many classes at UF to prepare myself for a career in journalism. Although all of these classes offered unique tips and advice, some were more useful than others. Below are the classes I found particularly useful.

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Reporting was the first journalism class that required me to find and report my own stories. It taught me to be curious and to walk around with my eyes open, noticing things to write about. In addition to helping me think outside of the box, it also introduced me to The Associated Press Stylebook.

Magazine and Feature Writing

This class taught me the importance of using details and descriptions in both long feature articles and short news articles. Although it focused on longer articles, I have found it most useful in writing short articles. Newspapers don't always have room for long articles, and these short articles need details too. This class taught me to include descriptions in a variety of ways, and I can now incorporate details into any size article.

Fact Finding

Fact Finding taught me the importance of supporting my statements with facts and statistics found in public records. Before taking this class, I had no idea that so much information was available to the public. Now I am comfortable using these various records to add substantial facts to my articles.

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This class taught me the importance of self editing--especially for online journalism. With increased competition to post information online, reporters become the editors and must check their own work. I believe this will be especially important in my future as more newspapers focus on the Internet.

Communications on the Internet

Communications on the Internet taught me the importance of having an online presence. I previously thought I could go into print journalism and not worry about the Internet, but this class showed me that online publications will soon become a major part of every sector in journalism. In addition to inspiring my online presence, this class taught me basic XHTML and CSS coding, which I used to design this website.