Capturing the moment one picture at a time

I'm Wesley Rodriguez, a photographer and story-teller. Iím currently a junior at the University of Florida pursuing a degree in photojournalism. Go Gators! Iím originally from Naples and spent most of my life there.I am also an Eagle Scout and proud to be a Nature Enthusiast.Creativity always seems to flourish every time I press my left eye to the rubber eyepiece of my camera. Itís a window to the world, a perspective given to those who want to view the world in that certain way. Iíve always had a passion for photography and for capturing peopleís emotions in a single picture. On my multimedia page, there is a picture story of Lance Briner, a very interesting individual I met at as a retail sales associate at the Gainesville Best Buy. He truly has a story to tell. Itís extremely hard to choose one thing to do for the rest of your life. If I could photograph for the rest of my life, I would. My photography began the day my mother gave me my first Fisher-Price toy camera. From that moment, I knew it was in me to become a photographer. My father also has a part to with my love for photography, being that he traveled the United States with his old Yashica film camera. Like my father, Iíve grown to become a man of many trades. I can do many things extremely well and concise with minor training. I always found myself to be a great student, but where Iíve always excelled at was learning a trade by practice. Many things just seem to come natural for me. Computers are especially a trade Iíve learned to master over the years. One of my main goals in life to travel the world, explore new countries and different cultures. Iíve traveled as far as Spain and as close to home as Colorado and North Carolina. Traveling has been one of my favorite past times. Check out my travels page for more on my expeditions. My digital camera will always serve as my traveling partner. Some other hobbies and proficiencies include: