The reason for my passion for music is, I believe, best summed up by a quote from one of my favorite authors, Victor Hugo:
            "Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent."

Music is a very personal form of expression, especially when performed, because for the most part it necessitates the use of the human body (vocal cords, hands, fingers, lungs) and is less concrete in meaning and interpretation that written or spoken language.

I have an interesting theory about the difference between my interactions with music and writing. One of my professors has stated multiple times, "You don't like writing- you like having written." While I love literature, creative writing, and words in general, I am often more instantly gratified by music; I constantly listen to music or hear it in my head, but I write in blocks of time. I think this is because it is not the writing process, but having written (and revised, and polished) that I enjoy. In contrast, I very much enjoy the physical, immediate act of singing (or playing, or listening) to music. I would go so far as to say that having sung, played or listened is not nearly as satisfying.

One of my favorite genres of music is musical theater. It's campy, it's corny, it's melodramatic and I love every moment.

My favorite musicals are