This gallery includes audio I have recorded or mixed and videos I have made.

Early to Render and Early to Save

"Early to Render and Early to Save" is a song I mixed using prerecorded loops from Apple's GarageBand software. The song was to be used as part of the soundtrack in a animated short my animation class created using Autodesk Maya. The name is a result of my frustration when, working on the post-processing of the class video, I found that near half the class had rendered incorrectly, incompletely, or not at all. Given the multiple warnings that rendering could take up to two days to complete, I felt this inexcusable.

This video, entitled "Splat!" is the first complete animation I created in Autodesk Maya. I modeled each object and used basic keyframing techniques to guide the movement of each piece. The audio was added using loops from Apple's GarageBand software.