The squirrel's name is Silent Sam. I'm Alexandra and I'm an unabashed geek.

In case you are not familiar with the character and personality associations with the word geek, especially in comparison to similar and often incorrectly exchanged words, here is a short summary:

Other people may have different opinions and definitions. Don't be fooled by their ignorance. Or my arrogance, for that matter.

I have a great love of words and all things musical. I'm a reformed computer engineering major-turned-journalism major with minors in music and English.

Unable to completely shake my origins in computer science, I've come to think of writing as "word engineering." Writers strive to use their resources wisely, using few words to convey great meaning, while streamlining and sculpting each phrase to draw out emotions and enrich the human experience.

Language is a beautiful thing - changeable and fickle, base and grand in turns and one of the most powerful mediums of the human mind.

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