My Guide to having FUN

1. Cook using recipes but never follow them strictly, unless it involves baking.

2. Buy a cricuit. Enough said.

3. Say hello to your neighbors!

4. Attempt to visit all state and national parks within your state.

5. Carry a camera everywhere you go.

6. Keep a blog on something you enjoy writing about. Most importantly, maintain it.

7. Ask your family members to scribble family recipes on a piece of paper. Keep all of the recipes in a binder or recipe box.

8. Visit furniture and knick-knack stores for great crafting ideas.

9. Try rock/wall climbing on the hardest difficulty and work your way to the easiest. Not only will you feel good about yourself, but it is a serious workout.

10. Visit craft stores to make your own jewelry. Buy the hooks for loops or stud earrings, and the gems and stones in different colors.

11. Book a plane ticket for a weekend and pack lightly. Know where you will stay during the night, popular locations and travel plans.


I love to do lots!

I am great with a sewing machine, cricut, paintbushes and much more.

Since pre-school, I have been a painter. My first painting was the pink and blue Power Rangers, icons in any four-year-old's eyes. In fifth-grade, I painted a replica of Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night." During seventh-grade, I painted a picture for my brother's school project of Frank Sinatra.

Painting is very near and dear to my heart. Since then, I have painted more abstract pieces. Some of my work is available to see inside hospitals and non-profit organization buildings.

Besides painting, I enjoy building bird houses, pottery, sewing purses and bags, gardening (mostly peppers), as well as designing cork boards.

I enjoy a little adventure too.

When I am not busy with school, I like to go for hikes, bike rides, some camping trips and traveling.

However, one of my biggest hobbies is cooking and baking. My roommates and I love to be in the kitchen. We are probably one of the few apartments filled with students to have a KitchenAid.

One roommate and I share a blog. We cook and bake using recipes, give recommendations and tips for the recipes as well as include pictures in each blog post.

The blog has become a way for us to share our love for food and wine with family and friends. It's a must read for all food lovers!