Who I have become

I was born Jessica, but respond best to Jessi.

I am a small town girl with a big heart.

I grew up in Clewiston, Fla., underneath Lake Okeechobee.

Since a young age, I have always loved to write, organize and plan events. I was always seen snatching up someone's pen and notepad to write songs and poems.

I value my knitch for writing, love for everyone around me and my aspirations for a reformed education system.

The College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida has been able to guide me in the right direction to my passions.

I have an intense passion for life, and want everyone around me to share my enthusiasm. Life is short and very precious, this I know after the loss of a good friend.

I am not exactly sure where life will take me, but I trust that God has mapped out my life according to my skills and interests.


I have been a public relations practitioner and writer since I was five.

In 1995, I became well known in my profession for the coordination and event planning of the wedding between my sock puppet sheep Lamb Chop and my then puppy Gus.

Since then, I have used my writing and public relations skills to conquer life's bigger challenges such as inequality in education and civil liberties. But one thing remains the same: I was born with public relations in my blood to change the world.

I want to work for an organization that is committed to reforming the education system.

I grew up in a small, underfinanced town and was raised in the public school system. I know first-hand how the lack of funding and unprepared educators can have a negative effect on a child's learning.

Because of my concern for the education system, I have taken many initiatives to contribute to better education. For the past six years I have tutored and mentored struggling students and interned for various nonprofit organizations committed to a child's education.

In August, I took another step to lend a hand in reforming education when I started working for the Lastinger Center for Learning housed in the College of Education at the University of Florida. At the Lastinger Center I have been able to work with people committed to one group of individuals: students.

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