My family and me tailgating before the UF vs. USF football game

Hi, I'm Brian Richie. I love sports and I love being a Florida Gator, as you can tell by my photo. I have one younger sister, named Kristen, and my parents are Melanie and David. As said on my homepage, I am currently a third year journalism major looking to become a sports journalist. I have written for two different publications so far, one being a Web site for fantasy football called, and the other being a small, monthly newspaper called the Two Rivers Review. You can see some examples of these publications on my "Work Samples" page. I am a complete sports nut and football and baseball are my favorite. I became a Miami Dolphins fan in 2002 after watching my first NFL game with my Dad and really being interested for the first time. My goals in life have shifted since then as I fell in love with the team. I always wanted to be a professional athlete growing up but started to realize the lack of feasability of that dream as I got older. Since I discovered my talent for writing, I decided the best career path was to remain in the world of sports, but to write about it instead of playing it. My father and I owned season tickets for the Miami Dolphins for the 2005 and 2006 seasons, and I loved every minute of it. I currently live in Gainesville (obviously), which is a good 5 hours away from Miami, so I spend more time these days watching the Fins from my couch or Gator Dockside. Academically, I am currently keeping my fingers crossed for an internship opportunity with the Miami Herald, which I would like to one day work for. I am also about to begin an endeavor into the world of broadcasting and start up a sports talk radio show with a friend here in Gainesville. After college, I feel as if I will have many possibilities for a career, but my ultimate goal would be to one day work for ESPN. Until then, I'm trying to survive the rigors of holding down a serving job at Outback Steakhouse and enjoying the many pleasures of being a student at the best university in the world. Go Gators!