Schedules, classes, meetings and projects don't leave too much free time in my schedule. As a senior in college, if I get any free time, it is usually spent sleeping. However, for those rare occasions that I do have spare moments, these are some things that I really enjoy.


Mashing potatoes on Thanksgiving

I love anything that has to do with food. Whether it is baking, shopping, cooking or consuming, my happy place is found when I am enjoying food, especially with friends.

By no means am I a culinary expert; however, I enjoy trying new recipes and eating foreign cuisine.Food is something I believe to be best experienced with others, and my friends are pretty good about being the taste-testers to my creations.


Some people call it useless knowledge; I call it a good time! I love trivia in all forms, but I have an extra special place in my heart for Jeopardy. My very competitive nature shows itself when my family gathers around the television to watch the show.

The first one to shout out the answer gets the bragging rights and the satisfaction of being the most quick-witted, even if it is only until the next question is read. This form of family bonding has been around since I can remember, and it is a personal accomplishment to be able to hold my own against my mother.