About Me

This is a little information about my life and the people that make it special.


I am from a small town, Sebring, FL, that's only known for a Formula One car race and a not-so-great convertible. I've lived there until I left for college, but I don't plan on going back for much more than visits.

I'm looking to move to the Big Apple after graduation. Although it is terribly intimidating to a small-town girl like me, I am incredibly excited!

My niece Harper Lee and nephew Grant Bennett


I am the youngest of five children from a combined family. I have two older brothers and two older sisters and am the proud aunt of seven nieces and nephews!

Though holidays and birthdays can get very hectic, having a large family keeps things exciting.


If there is music playing, you can usually find me dancing. I love to dance and did so competitively for nine years. I was also on the dance team at my high school, and I got to perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade my senior year.

Though I stopped taking dance classes once I came to college, my love for the art has not diminished. Now, I can just be found starting dance parties at any time and in any place.