My Travels

Hope Town

Traveling is part of my life, and hopefully it can be incorporated into my career as a magazine writer. I can’t wait to experience life to the fullest and try new foods, meet new people, take plenty of pictures and create stories in my future travels.

My favorite place to travel has been to the Bahamas, Italy, Greece and rollin' down the roads in the United States.

I have flown out to Europe for a couple weeks and traveled out west and New England for a couple months. Whether on wheels, water or in the air, I have truly enjoyed all of my travels. My favorite pastimes have been boating around the Abacos with my family and spending time at the beach. You don't always have to go so far away to enjoy a vacation though. Some of my best memories have been at our house in Homosassa. Enjoying the slow side of life and swimming with the manatees is enough to enjoy my day.

Recently I have had more trips with friends than family, from road trips to Alabama and Macon, Ga., to driving with my boyfriend to Charleston and Savannah. My favorite part of traveling has become trying out new restaurants. From seafood to Southern I can’t wait to get my hands on new dishes and experience new atmospheres.

In the future, I would like to expand my travels to include New Zealand, Australia and Alaska.