Travel Time!

One reason I'm very ecstatic about making this page is that I travel alot. Since 2000, I've traveled to over 20 different countries, normally with my family. Instead of making a bland list of where I've been, however, I've chosen to recommend some countries where I've had the most fun.

Most Upbeat Country

While Japan's overall population is fairly small compared to many other countries, Tokyo has the 10th largest city population in the world, edging out New York City.
Tokyo is a very flamboyant city, with bright signs advertising all sorts of movies, anime and featured products throughout the night.
One reason I liked it, besides the city's constant energetic vibe, was that Tokyo was also very reasonably industrialized. Though not as much as some American cities, it was still easier to find modern technology and newer buildings in Tokyo than other heavily-populated Asian cities.

Country Where a Translator is Required

Unlike other Asian countries like India, China and Japan, English is not a primary or secondary language taught in public schools in Thailand. When I went there two winters ago, it was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life. While there was lots to see and experience (such as the interactive exhibits with animals seen in my pictures), many times the locals could not understand what I was saying. Some of the hotel lobby staff could speak enough English to understand, but outside that hotel you're on your own. Not even shopowners in malls could speak English. While it's a recommended country to visit, it's strongly cautioned to bring your own English-Thai dictionary.

Most Visited

Naturally, the country I've travelled to the most is India. My mom goes almost every year (normally every other year) to India, so sometimes we all go and make a family vacation out of it.
Additionally, many times when we go vacationing in another country, my mom insists me stop by India to visit family members, since we do not have many family members outside of India. All of these factors make India my most-visited country outside of the United States. It's a nice country, but the heat, mosquitoes and lack of toilet paper are MAJOR deterrants from me willingly vacationing there.

Most Recommended

So after all these suggestions, where do I recommend you go?
France! The year before my freshman year of college I went on my first out-of-country experience without my family. Instead I went with my girlfriend and three of our friends, and we had an amazing time.
While France may not be the most unique industrialized country, it does have a gentle, calm atmosphere to it. The food isn't as overwhelming as German food, and it's still different enough to make note of, unlike the UK. So, if you enjoy a nice, developed country with a distinguished artistic experience and abundance of cheeses, France is the place for you.