Chandan's Sports Center

I've decided to dedicate this page to an integral part of my college life: sports!
Ever since high school, my friends and I would get together evert Friday after school and play basketball or football for hours. Now that I'm at the University of Florida, the need to be immersed in sports is overwhelming. Every week I'll look for updates and watch Gator football or basketball games. Now that I can appreciate all the rules and national impact, I follow professional sports a lot more seriously as well.
Below are some of my favorite franchises and why I think they'll have a successful few years ahead of them.


The very first team I ever remember following back in 2000 was the New England Patriots during one of their Superbowl runs. They're one of the most entertaining teams to watch because they run the ball an appropriate number of times but love to get the ball in the air. Watching Tom Brady throw impressively to a number of talented receivers makes any game they play worth watching. The addition of four Gators from last year's team doesn't hurt their value either.


I know, I know. I'm not allowed to support two teams from the same sports league, let alone the same AFC Conference. The Ravens have always been my second favorite team because of their defense though. Ray Lewis alone has made the Ravens one of the strongest defensive units in the entire league for over a decade. This year Joe Flacco also has new tight ends and receivers to throw it to, so their running backs can have some room to breathe while the Ravens develop a formidable passing game.


I'm from Orlando, so this shouldn't be a surprise to most people who know me. The Magic have recently been considered one of the best teams in the entire league, and Dwight Howard might be the center of all the national attention. Basketball games are played at a much faster rate that other sports, so it's always exciting to watch an Orlando Magic game and see our players make three-pointers and block opponent's open shots. Orlando Magic's league-high efficiency at three-pointers and Dwight Howard's back-to-back Defensive Player of the Year awards make me proud to be a Magic fan.


In case you were getting worried, of course I wouldn't forget about our very own Florida Gators! Shame on you for thinking that! One of the things I love about the University of Florida is how all the students assume one united entity during football games. The power of collegiate athletics at UF truly has the power to bring together thousands of unknown students and fans. While I can't deny this year's season is slipping away, I am highly optimistic of next year's chances for another BCS Championship bid in football. We have so many four and five-star recruits that I think Urban Meyer just needed a year to develop their talent. Not to jump on the bandwagon, but a new offensive coordinator wouldn't hurt either. Play-calling is killing us this year. *Sigh* Oh well, Florida is still rocking the country in other sports. All I can say is GO GATORS! =]