Master Cylinder:

The heat and the air and the brains unaware
and the apples on the ground and the catastrophe's been found
and the cold and the smooth and the
rough in the groove and the waves how they pound and
the dull talking sound and the head in
the hole and the bell it'll toll and the ghost in the
eyes and to fall and to rise and to sleep and to wake and the brains how they'll take
and the words they won't fit but the chemicals acquit
and the doors they will close
and the fire how it grows
as its branches reign their rule
once the master cylinder does cool.

Ephemera in the Fog:

Cold mornings, fingerless wool gloves. Contented quietness, wet leaves on the ground. Wood crackling in the firepit, arms extended, warmth radiating. Slightly hungover but well rested. Bright fields, sunrise's sunlight streaming horizontally through the trees, broken up into vertical ribbons of light--flickering, chopped up as the car moves down the gently sloping road. Clouds overhead seem as if they were painted on a infinitely deep blue canvas. The melancholy realization that this won't last forever. Moon's ghost hanging pale, effaced by the bright of the sun.

A description of the physical manifestation of consciousness:

It's multi-dimensional, I can say that for sure. It pulsates with a dynamic rhythm: constantly changing but also self-preserving. And it functions as a sort of membrane, dripping with fractals and surrounded by deliquescent instances of recursive self-similarity, though essentially electro-plasmic in nature, with a difference potential, a polarity that is representative of binary logic. These voltage-based calculations, I believe, are responsible for a synergy that takes place in the negative space between the folds of it's surfaces, the summation of which is consciousness. Not individual, though, but rather, something collective.

Divine Moments of Truth

Tonight I died and was reborn and woven into the fabric of reality and immediately torn apart with a sound like ten thousand atom bombs detonated in rapid succession and was launched into the sun's core and felt all of space and time shot out of a cannon into my brain and ran naked with my eyes on fire through a world of intelligent self-transforming vines intricately geometrically logically knotting themselves and bent to the laws of a new physics and felt a million volts of electricity rampage unapologetically through the cables which my body consists of and was taken to observe inward from the outside the form of my own mind and witnessed it's thousand unblinking eyes all piercing my core and looking back at me through channels of atomic information and lost my physical body among the dripping electro-neuro-psycho-plasmic jungles of primeval rhythm, to come back into this existence bewildered and illuminated.