I'll be up front, I'm a total nerd. I played trumpet in school and spent half of my senior year as a drum major for our high school marching band. I would rather wait in line for an early showing of a new film than stand in line for football tickets. I prefer Windows over Apple for goodness' sake. I take cracks at my nerdery from friends as terms of endearment.

My hobbies are varied. I do a lot with my time, preferring to never be left with nothing to do. If I'm not doing schoolwork or slinging shrimp you can generally find me doing a handful of things all at once, not really paying attention to any of them.

SciFi Bookshelf

I read. A lot. Since January I've finished something like 30 novels, including the entire Harry Potter series and most of the Ender's Game line. I have a stack of about ten books waiting to be read when I'm done with my current project. It seems like every time I finish one I add another. Unlike a handful of people I know who have to finish every book they start, though, I follow director Guillermo del Toro's line of thinking when it comes to books.

"If it doesn't engage me, I leave it. I don't do homework with my life."

I play a lot of video games too. I own both a Nintendo Wii and a Sony Playstation 3 for larger console games as well as a Sony Playstation Portable for my on-the-go needs. I've been playing since I was old enough to hold a controller and the thought of one day growing out of it or no longer having time for it depresses me. Shooter games don't really do it for me. I play mostly action games like God of War and Zelda, or platformers, such as Ratchet and Clank. I've been known to indulge in the occasional role-playing game, should the subject matter engage me enough to want to devote the massive amount of time they require.


I used to draw a lot and I'm trying to get back in the habit. I bought a beginner level USB tablet in order to broaden my horizons into digital media. I also play the trumpet like I said earlier, something I've done sporadically since high school but would like to keep doing. I own a guitar that I've tried to teach myself to play several times, but something always comes up that prevents it from going very far. I've almost given up on learning it so that I can just focus on my horn playing.

I'm also a huge movie and television guy. I love buying deluxe DVDs just to watch all the special features. Watching several hours of making-of featurettes on The Dark Knight blu-ray was almost more enjoyable than the movie. I have a full line up of shows that are recorded every week and generally have a back log of shows to catch up on stored on my DVR. I don't just love watching film though, I really enjoy making them. Everything that goes into producing a finished product is just endlessly fascinating to me, and a lot of fun to do.