If you're anything like me you might find the following things to your liking. These are my favorites, from all of my many interests, though only a small portion of my fairly impressive collection. You'll find links to find out more about each one below.

My Favorite Books

Ender's Game- Ender's Game is probably my favorite book, mostly because of the incredible series it sets up. The Ender's Game series, as well as the in-between Ender's Shadow series are must reads for every sci-fi fan.

The Hitchhikers Guide- Douglas Adams is one of my new favorite authors. The Hitchhiker's series is so unrelentingly funny I couldn't put it down.

Michael Crichton- I couldn't just pick one book here. If you want to an amazing read from the first page to the last then pick up anything by Crichton. It's just a tragedy that he isn't with us anymore to continue putting out such awesome literature.

My Favorite Video Games

God of War- If ever a series of games was able to remind me of why I play games in the first place, this would be it. Immensely fun, if you can get over the violence.

Assassin's Creed- Assassin's Creed is an incredible series of games, featuring fantastic parkour action and a grand, epic story.

Ratchet & Clank- R&C are just happy fun-time games. If you ever need a break from all the seriousness found in video games, pick up one of these and play as the last of the Lomabaxes and his robotic sidekick.

My Favorite Movies

Jaws- The first film to ever terrify me. And a marvel of filmmaking for its day.

Ferris Bueller- If you haven't seen this movie, then stop reading this, go buy it and watch it. Then when you're in love with it go buy copies for all your friends. Something to ponder: Was it all in Cameron's head? Think about it.

Airplane- My all-time favorite comedy. They really don't make movies like this anymore.

My Favorite TV Shows

The Venture Bros.- This show is for every child that grew up on superheroes and Jonny Quest and the old shows of the '80s. This is the show for those people that actually grew up but never forgot their childhood. It's a phenomenally funny, satirical sendup of that genre.

30 Rock- If there is a show on television that deserves to be saved from cancellation, it's 30 Rock. About a Saturday Night Live style show, aired on NBC instead of SNL, it's one of the funniest shows I've ever seen, forever mocking its parent network. If you're not watching it, you need to be.

Futurama- If there were ever a show that deserved to be brought back, it was Futurama. If you're a fan of sci-fi and comedy than you need to be watching it. Period.

My Favorite Comic Book Writers

Grant Morrison- Morrison made me fall in love with my favorite superhero again with his incredible All-Star Superman series. His work on Batman over the past couple years has been remarkably confusing, but endlessly entertaining.

Geoff Johns- Johns, DC Comics' new creative director, is a visionary. He spent the past few years bringing the Green Lantern book back to life, only to raise the dead of the DC Universe and make everyone face their fear of death. An amazing writer.

Matt Fraction- Fraction is a prolific writer, and a master of dialogue with many awesome creator-owned books. His work on Marvel's newest Iron Man series has been a very fun ride.

Jonathan Hickman- All of the writers on this list work on more than one book, but Hickman I think works on more than any two combined. And his work is always top-notch. He rewrote Captain America's backstory and then moved on to show the secret histories and dark corners of the Marvel Universe.

J Michael Straczynski- Straczynski brought the Mighty Thor back from Raganarok and planted the mythical Asgard in a Kansas field. He is currently reintroducing Wonder Woman to the world and has Superman walking across America.