Basic Traveling Tips Tips for Travel

Eventhough I have only traveled out of the country once, I have traveled around the United States numerous times and found that packing is not easy, especially when you are a girl. Girls have to pack for every occasion imagineable. It is hard not knowing if there is a formal dinner you may want to attend or if there is an awesome forest you may want to hike. I guess it helps when you have an itinerary that plans your entire vacation for you. But, if you are like my family, we just pack up, leave and have no idea where we are headed. So, in case your family is like mine I have listed a few tips that may help help your packing and vacation run a little easier.

  1. Pack for the season;bring shorts in the summer and a sweater or light coat for the fall/winter (depending on where you are going)
  2. Always bring a pair of jeans no matter what time of year
  3. Include something semi-formal; a little-black dress, slacks, or skirt
  4. Bring extra socks and undergarments because they always seem to disappear inbetween hotel stops
  5. Remember to pack medications
  6. Do not pack your entire jewelry box because most often those valueables get left beind