Mexico is by far my favorite place to travel. It's exciting and adventurous. I spend my summers in mexico hiking up the mountains, or swimming in the vast waterfalls. I also enjoy the yummy authentic food.

Waterfall in Mexico

While I was in Mexico, I got to see the Museo de las Momias, which means the museum of the mummies. I observed a variety of mummies. Although it was a bit taunting, I also got to see a pregnant mummy, a buried alive mummy, and the world's smallest mummy. The museum is located in Guanajuato, Gto., Mexico.

Road trips to Mexico can often be exciting. We pass many small towns and many big cities. My favorite part is passing through the tunnels and over the bridges. However, the trips can also be legthy, because it usually takes 24 hours to arrive.

Exploring Mexico

Mexico is a great place to explore the outdoors. Most of my time is spent riding my four wheeler. The picture shown is a picture of me and my boyfriend exploring the mountains of Mexico.

Although I don't plan on going to Mexico this summer, I will enjoy the wonderful memories I had while visiting there. I plan on taking a trip to Europe in 2012, the summer after I graduate, to gain some insight of European journalism firsthand.