Do you want to know my hobbies?

I truly have a passion for fashion. I really enjoy the constant changes of the fashion world and how they evolve over time. I tend to catch myself observing the fashion taste of different cultures. I believe fashion is an essential part of everyones life. My all-time favorite fashion designer is Coco Chanel. A popular fashion trend she introduced to the world is the little black dress. I love to express my fashion opinions on my blog Essential Trends, which focuses on college campus fashion trends.


I really consider myself a girly girl; however, I share many hobbies with my guy friends. Playing pool has been one of my life long hobbies. I have joined women tournaments back at home and have been very successful. Playing pool is all about geometry and patience, and I work hard to perfect my skills.

Growing up my favorite toy was a deck of cards. My dad taught me how to play Texas Hold em' Poker, before I could even cross the street alone. When it comes to playing poker, I am very competitive and have an excellent pokerface.

Me by the gator wall

Following gator football is a must for me. My favorite player on the team is Trey Burton. He has done a tremendous job so far and will hopefully continue to do so. I also follow the Denver Broncos, and I was very excited when Tim Tebow was drafted for the team.

My many hobbies consume most of my time. A motto I like to live by is "A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away."