A key to happiness

When I am not stuck in the library, I try to spend as much time with my family and friends. Most of my friends are back at home, and the majority of my family is spread across the states. However, I keep in touch as much as possible through skype, facebook and all the other great technologies this generation has to offer.

Me and my friends

I share many similar hobbies with my friends. We enjoy playing poker, riding four wheelers, and playing flag football. Not a day goes by that I don't contact my friends back at home.

I have a huge family. I have family members in Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and California. Because I am of Mexican decent, I also have family members that live in Mexico. When we have a family reunion, my family and I create memories that will never be forgotten. To give you an insight of my fabulous family I will explain the whole concept of the Marines family t-shirt tradition.

Swamp cabbage tshirt

Every year my hometown has a festival known as "Swamp Cabbage," in which the whole town gets together to celebrate the delicious vegetable. In order to show our family pride, we have matching t-shirts made that say funny quotes. To the right is a picture of the t-shirt we wore last year.

I am grateful that I have a great family and great friends to share my life with.