Helpful Travel Resources

Here are some online travel resources to help you plan your next trip. I have used all of them and highly recommend them.

Storm in the Everglades

There are many other important things to remember when you are preparing to travel. Probably the most important thing I could advise a future traveler is to always have cash on your person, but not in your back pocket. There are few problems in life that cash can't solve, so having some is always a must. However, the world is full of thieves (I've wrestled a few pickpockets), so don't keep your money where someone could easily make a grab at it. Also, maps are wonderful things. They can be intimidating at times, but if you have a map, there is always hope, no matter how lost you find yourself. Most importantly, take time to enjoy the moment. Too often when travelling, especially when backpacking, you get caught up in the frustrations of train schedules, money conversions, and mosquitos, and you lose sight of why you are travelling. Have fun with the obstacles, write down the stories, and enjoy the experience of it all.