Kayaking in Florida

Kayaking is a great sport. It can be enjoyed year round, and in just about every county in Florida. Growing up around the water, I kayaked in just about every body of water in the Tampa Bay area.

My favorite places to kayak are those that don't have a strong current – I like bayous and slow-moving rivers the best. If you Kayakingsee mangroves, that's generally a good place to kayak (and fish). If you are going to start kayaking, especially in open waters, make sure to check a tide chart before leaving home. If you ride a tide out, and have to battle against it to get home, it can be extremely exhausting and quite dangerous. I have made that mistake several times, and I regret it every time.

Also, safety is very important on a kayak. According to Florida boating safety laws, you must have a life jacket for every person on board the kayak. If kayaking at night, you must have a light (although it does not have to be on, so a flashlight technically qualifies). Also, make sure to pay attention to water depth. Many areas are navigable at high tide, but impassable at low – many kayakers get stuck this way, and are often forced to get out and carry the kayaks over oyster beds (this is not enjoyable).

State parks are always a good place to kayak, and supporting your state parks is a good thing too!