notre dame

I love to travel and in the past few years I have done quite a bit of it!


After I graduated from Florida State, I took a year off to travel. I spent a month in Europe with my sister, which was truly a wonderful experience. We started in Paris, which is now my favorite city in the entire world. My mom met us, and together the three of us explored Paris and all it has to offer. We stayed in a flat along the Seine River, right next to the Notre Dame. We frequented the cafes, shops, and art galleries. We went to all of the major museums and monuments. My favorite was the versaille Musee d Orsay. At night the city lights up and people enjoy wine out by the Seine River or at cafes. Paris is wonderful.

After Paris we took a train to Italy where I spent some time in Turin, a city in western Italy. I did a lot of hiking, sightseeing, and shopping here. Turin has a great shopping district and many good restaurants. I also went to the Museo Egizio, one of the best Egyptian museums in the world.

In the United Kingdom I spent time in London and Oxford. London is a fun city full of life and interesting people. Oxford is a beautiful town with all of the gothic architecture. Here I was lucky enough to stay in one of the colleges and explore the town.

The Caribbean and Mexico

I have traveled a few places in the Caribbean in my lifetime. I have been to Cozumel and Costa Maya. Cozumel was very good for free diving, with a lot of reefs close to shore, full of bright colored fish and sea life. I have also been to Jamaica and The Bahamas. Jamaica is more mountainous and offers a lot of fun activities and beautiful sightseeing. The Bahamas has the prettiest beaches around, with crystal clear water, and reefs right off the shore.

The United States

I have done a lot of traveling in the United States, so I will just talk about a few of my favorite places.

New York City is a must. The city is a different culture, always with something to do. The shopping is great for any price range. It is such a different change of pace after living in Florida for my whole life.

Key West is my second favorite place in the world, after Paris. I have been there a total of four times. There is a big misconception that the Florida Keys has many nice beaches, however a lot of the coastlines are protected and are lined with mangroves. My experience in the Keys has been mostly on boats. The best free diving I have ever done was in Key Largo, and also the first time I have seen a shark while in the water (scary!). The water is beautiful, the fishing plentiful, and the sunsets unmatched. My favorite restaurant in the Conch Republic Seafood Company, it is the best seafood I have ever had. Also, Key West just has a laid back, fun-loving atmosphere that all can enjoy.

North Carolina is somewhere I have also been a few times and always enjoyed. The last time I went there, my family and I stayed on the Nantahala River and white-water rafted, hiked parts of the Appalachian Trail and did some minor rock climbing.

Future Expeditions

When I graduate from my masters program, I hope to do some traveling again. I would like to go back to Europe and go to other cities in Italy, Greece, Germany, and Switzerland. In the United States I really want to see the west coast. Although I have been to Colorado a few times, I would love to spend time in northern and southern California, and Portland. Also, I hear Montreal and other parts of Canada are beautiful.