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February through August of 2010 I lived in New Haven, CT. This was right in the middle of my first northern winter and a snow storm. It took me a little while to adjust and master the art of living in the snow after being a Floridian for my entire life. I will devote the rest of this paragraph to giving some advice to others that may need to know how to live in the snow so maybe you won't have to endure the difficulties I experienced.

snow dog

First, add an extra 45 minutes to your morning. When going outside, you will find your car literally frozen to the ground. This was a big shocker to me. You have to start your car to warm it up inside, scoop the snow off your car, get the ice off your windshield with a scraper, and shovel snow from in front of your tires. Then, if you're lucky, you can get out.

Second piece of advice, live somewhere where they plow the streets. If not, you are not going anywhere.

Third, double your brake time (you're going to skid!).

Fourth, hire a neighborhood kid to shovel the driveway (it's worth the $).


And lastly, have fun! Snow is fun and there is lots you can do in it. Hiking in the snow is a great workout and so much fun especially if you have a dog. Do watch out for frozen ponds and make sure you invest in a quality pair of snow boots and a waterproof jacket!