My Hobbies

In my free time I enjoy playing basketball, listening to music and writing poetry.

In high school, I played basketball every day, even though I didn't play for the school. While I was raised on classic rock, I greatly enjoy hip hop music and culture today.

Below is a sample of my poetry.


"Puttin' pen to pad to expel my stress.

Pushed to the precipice, my heart beats less;

at a less-than-normal pace as I'm finally face-to-face with the dark, dark man in the black cloak dress.

I turn to face the ravine; cold water below.

The brisk air nips my lungs as I inhale slow

and reflect on my life, both happiness and strife,

realizing that the former proves it's not time to go.

See, the latter... is not but a fraction of the first

and upon this epiphany I turn to see the Curse

kneeling down to beg. Icy hands approach my leg.

I attempt to back away... You can see his plan worked."