I may be dedicated to my studies, but this doesn't mean I don't know how to have a little fun every now and then! I have several hobbies to occupy myself in my down time.

My friend and I at one of our high school swim meets.


This is a photo from my time as an athletic swimmer for my high school. I was a member of the team for all four years and I enjoyed it a great deal. I may have left high school behind, but I still swim all the time. A little known fact is that swimming is one of the best ways to exercise because it stretches all of the muscles in your body equally rather than concentrating on just a certain group of muscles like other sports do.


Since I was very small I have been fond of making up stories and telling them to whoever was willing to listen. As I grew up I gradually became more and more interested in novels, and I realized that I could express my vivid imagination by writing novels of my own. I don't yet feel ready to offer any of my work for publication, but I enjoy writing a great deal and most of my free time is given over to writing simple short stories or novellas for the entertainment of myself and my friends.


Unlike my writing, I have no interest in pursuing art professionally at any point, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it! Drawing is great for your hand-eye coordination, for learning the nuances of anatomy, and for learning how to set up a good color scheme. Besides all that, it's just plain fun!

Want to see examples of my writing and artwork? Why not take a gander at my deviantART account?