There's a lot of love in this world of ours, and a couple of the things I love most are baking and cooking, photography and writing.

As you saw on my home page, I am vegan. That means I do not eat any animal or animal-derived foods. Is that difficult? Not at all. I still eat everything I would normally, I just use substitutes like "chik'n" for chicken tenders and egg-replacer instead of eggs and soy milk instead of cow's milk in my favorite recipes. It isn't guaranteed to work because baking and cooking are just chemical reactions and, as I learned the hard way, not everything substitues perfectly. However, done right, my chocolate chip cookies are better than yours.

In my spare time, I like being both behind and in front of the camera. Although I haven't mastered talking in videos, I like to think I'm pretty good at posing for stills. I have taken a few photography classes in the journalism college at UF, as well as classes throughout high school. I continue to learn more about photography and my camera specifically every time I shoot. I prefer taking pictures of people who want their picture taken like portraiture as opposed to photojournalism where people shy away from you.

I grew up scribbling and have hundreds of beginnings of stories. My problem was finishing the story. In creative writing, you have to make up an elaborate scene with characters you also made up and it can go on for as little or as long as you wish. While this can be freeing, it is also very daunting and I always found myself staring at a screen with only a few paragraphs typed out. When I came into UF's journalism program I was relieved to finally find endings for my stories. I interned at the Sun this past summer on my writing alone and found my voice, something I thought I'd never have. I am so glad I am using this thing that comes to naturally to me.

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