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We wander for distraction. We travel for fulfillment


Being away from home for a period of time makes you truly miss and appreciate everything you have a little bit more. Traveling is one of the many things I enjoy doing, except for the fact that I have to ride an airplane to get somewhere. Not only that but I get carsick, seasick, and pretty much anything-that-moves-sick. If I could teleport from one place to another, I’d be anywhere in a jiffy. I’m originally from Colombia, so I go back often to visit family. I’ve been to other places like Nicaragua, backpacking through France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, cruising through the Bahamas, and vacationing in Jamaica.


Ah, my home away from the US. Going back to Colombia is so refreshing and rewarding. My whole family is back there, and seeing them brings so many memories back. Not only do I recall old memories when I’m with them but also make new ones. Although I’ve been teased about being Colombian because of so much drug trafficking that goes on over there, I’m proud to be what I am. This past summer I went back to Colombia for a whole month, getting to know my dad’s side of the family. It’s crazy to know that I hadn’t seen my grandparents in over eight years. I even got to see my father after not being able to see him for two years.


So random, right? I went to Nicaragua summer of 2008, going into my senior year. I went with a group of missionaries who stayed longer than I. I’m not a huge religious person, so going on this trip with the mission of helping others build a relationship with God was out of my comfort zone. I honestly didn’t know how to do this. I never had that relationship with God, but never did I think that on this trip I would build my own relationship with him. I saw death; I saw poverty; I saw hell. But what amazed me the most was the fact that no matter who I went up to, whether it was a little homeless boy on the streets or an old lady buying her morning bread, they managed to smile. I cried, I laughed, and I sang. Never will I ever forget this trip.

{Backpacking Through Europe}

This is the trip that absolutely changed my life. With three of my best friends, I traveled through France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. With nothing but a backpack, couple of Euros, train tickets, and a map, we saw the Eiffel Tower in Paris, stayed at a farm with camels in Strasburg, camped out on the beaches of Italy, and slept in Madrid’s train station. We walked for a minimum of three hours through the Louvre, toured the Coliseum in Rome, tasted beer at German brew houses, and got robbed in Spain. We stayed in hostels, talked to random strangers in German, Spanish, and French, and got lost through cities, but best of all, I got to share those memories with my three best friends.

{Jamaica and Cayman Islands}

Back in 2008, my family took a trip to Jamaica and the Cayman Islands on a cruise. I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since I get seasick pretty easily. We departed from the Miami harbor and spent the next seven days on deck. It wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. Actually, it was quite the contrary. My sister and I made friends right off the bat, especially since most teens on cruises also go with family members, hoping to make new friends. We spent most of the evenings with them, but I spent the mornings and afternoons bonding with my family. We toured through Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, climbed a waterfall, swam with dolphins, and took a submarine to take a closer look at the ocean life. I went clubbing, played mini golf on the cruise, tasted rum cake for the first time, woke up every morning at 5 am to watch the sunrise, and left every dinner ten minutes early to watch the sunset. I honestly cannot remember a time when I felt most at peace with the world than this.