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A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away


Keeping yourself busy is probably the healthiest thing your mind and body will ever do. I sometimes find myself laying in bed watching television for hours and begin to question life in general: where am I going? Will I be successful? Etc. The more I ponder, the more I begin to doubt myself. So that’s when I grab my camera, or put on my running shoes, or practice the hip-hop choreography I just learned, for the purpose of letting go of the future, and living in the now.


I found myself falling in love with photography back in high school. The first time I ever held an SLR was for a journalism assignment. Nervous of breaking that precious tool, I just sat on the stands of our football stadium and took a couple of shots of the players. Immediately I was hooked, and have been ever since. I’ve upgraded cameras about three times, trying out brands like Nikon, Olympus, and Cannon. I’ve done everything, from sports photo, to just day-to-day photojournalism, and even my own photoshoots. Photography is what I do. It’s what I live for.


I’ve been doing Zumba for the past 3 years. Zumba is a group fitness class that incorporates latin-based moves. This was my motivation to start losing weight and become both a gym and dance fanatic. I’ve been dancing all my life, doing few hiphop classes here and there, dancing salsa and merengue at family reunions, and always watching dance shows, wanting to do more than just watch. I started going three times a week, and increased that amount depending on how much energy I had during the week. I began to get so involved with it that I even started choreographing my own songs and taking them to the instructor. She began to let me teach in class and from that moment on, I’ve loved being on that stage motivating people to be active. Doing this motivated me to search for something more competitive, and it led me to Sabor Latino, UF’s official latin dance team.

{Sabor Latino}

I had wanted to do choreographed salsa, merengue, and hiphop competitions for the longest time. I took some classes at UF’s Recreation Center, but it was never enough. I heard about Sabor Latino my fall semester but missed tryouts so I promised myself that I would join in the spring. Joining Sabor was by far the most entertaining things I’ve done here at UF. It kept me busy, kept me active, and I made new connections. I’ve never had enough memory space to learn and retain several dances in my head, but after practicing for so long, I had it. I had to give dancing fall 2010 because of time conflict, but I hope to return in the spring. It means so much to me to be part of a team that truly appreciates dance.