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Never give up on something you can't go on a day without thinking about

{A Little More Personal}

I am charismatic, sensitive, friendly, caring, compassionate, dedicated, driven, creative, stubborn, athletic and working on it, intuitive, open minded, sociable, intelligent, observant, impatient, sarcastic, romantic, down to earth, random, independent, mature, friendly, witty, casual and formal at the same time, out spoken, eternally optimistic, forever hungry for knowledge, and deeper than you can imagine. I am Felipe Jimenez, a work in progress.

I fall in love easily with people, places, ideas, and things. I dislike the word “hate” just because. I am shy, but very open when it comes to speaking my mind. I can’t sleep without listening to music because it soothes my soul. As much as I like being by myself, I like having someone around me. I try to look at the positive when life gives me negative. I read for pleasure, I run for fun, and I happen to wake up every day with a smile on my face because it makes the day that much better.

I believe in dreaming as if I’ll live forever and living as if I’ll die today. I believe the mistakes we make, make us more experienced. I believe in falling in love, in growing old with someone, in that knowing and being disappointed is better than not knowing and always wondering. I know true love is hard to find, but also worth the wait. I believe that memories are a way of holding onto the things we love, the things we are, and the things we never want to lose. One day, my life will flash before my eyes, and it’ll be worth watching.