Wedding Photo Gallery

I've been dabbling in wedding photography this past year and so far have been asked to photography two weddings and one engagement. I really enjoy it and my customers seem to enjoy their packages. For the weddings, I also created slideshows with music, photos, and video. It really has been a blast.

Key West Wedding

Fourth of July Wedding

The Alter Setting
This was the house setting where Pam and Larry Casson were married on the Fourth of July in 2010.
The bride
The bride walking down
the stairs to meet her hubby
The couple in prayer
The preacher said a prayer
for the newlyweds
A new family
A celebration of the
joining of a new family

Ybor Engagement Photos

Posing on a bench
The newly engaged couple posing in ybor
the engagement ring
Lisa's beautiful
engagement ring
the couple holding flowers
The couple acting
all in love
the couple on the railroad tracks
The couple posing on
railroad tracks in Ybor