Published Clips

These are a few of my published articles that I've written this year as an intern for the Gainesville Sun:

Fall Gardening article for the Sun My favorite article to date, this was one on a topic that I was actually interested in. I love gardening and wish I was one of those lucky people born with a green thumb....however, I'm not. Everything I touch dies. I've tried twice to plant a sweet floral garden and both times failed miserably. After speaking with various horticulture agents for the story, I feel confident I could rectify my mistakes an plant an awesome garden, and hopefully, if you read it, you'll feel the same way.

Foreigner article for the Sun I wrote this article as an advance for an upcoming High Springs play called "The Foreigner." I was able to sit in on the rehearsal, and it seemed like it was going to be hilarious. I decided from this article that community theater is the bomb. I never realized how much the audience affects the actors. They were all saying that if the audience doesn't laugh if it's a comedy, the actors become unmotivated which contributes to the crumminess of the play. Word to the wise, it's always polite to laugh when other people are trying to be funny.

Thornebrook Art Festival article for the Gainesville Sun This article was a good learning experience. Never trust event Web sites!! One of the entertainers performing at the festival e-mailed my editor to tell him that I messed up the name of his act. I got the information from the Web site where I guess it was also incorrect. Anyway, it should have been Samba's Refrain playing at the preview instead of John and Nancy. I felt awful because I thought of how upset I'd be if I was going to be in the paper and someone got my name wrong - good learning experience though.

Consignment Event article My first article where one of my photos was published with it. This was a really cool event. I highly recommend it to mommies and mommies-to-be. It's a consignment event that goes through a bunch of inspections to ensure you're getting good stuff. It's really helpful for families because you can sell your stuff and buy cheap stuff so it's a win-win.

First Profile articleThis was one of my favorite articles to write, but one of my least favorite to read. The editor who wrote my headline made this guy sound like a prick when, in actuality, he was a really nice genuine dude. The headline "From hustling watermelons to selling motorcoaches" was based off a quote from a friend of his who was joking about how when he was young he was "steady hustling watermelons." But as you can see from the headline it sounds like he was a theif or conartist or something. I felt awful.