Who is Olivia Gonzalez?

Well since you're wondering, I am a 20 year old junior at the University of Florida. "Where it's great to be a Gator!"

I plan on majoring in Public Relations and I am currently debating whether to minor in French or not. Even though Mandarin is the language of the future, I find French beautiful and hopefully, if I score my dream job, I'll be residing in Paris. I am a Cuban-American and among the few grandkids in my family that have made it thus far in college. I'm super proud to say I'm a Gator and I plan on continuing the tradition with the future generations.

Grandpa and friends playing Dominos

Here's my grandpa (middle) and some of his friends playing Dominos. My grandpa is my main motivation to keep on going and to do what I need to do in order to succeed. "Education first, then establish your personal life."

I have an amazing family, fabulous friends, and an incredible boyfriend. It's hard being away from them all, but those hour and a half trips aren't too bad, and thanks to modern technology, I see them daily via Skype. I love fashion, photography, and anything and everything Hello Kitty.

I'll listen to anything but country music and super heavy metal. But the majority of my iPod contains: Hip-Hop, Pop, Techno/House, Dubstep, and R&B.

I also love to write. It's been a passion ever since I was young and over the years, it's been almost therapeutic for me. I also do yoga and I meditate, so it helps with my meditation too!

If there's anything else you'd like to know, keep glancing through my website, and check out my blogs!