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The nice thing about running is that it's quite the easy activity to get started in. You don't really need any fancy equipment, you don't need to wait for the proper season (at least in central Florida), and you can do it nearly anywhere. (I don't recommend running out in the middle of your Electronic Publishing lecture, however.)

While you theoretically could just throw some sneakers on and hit the streets running (I generally prefer the sidewalk), there are a lot of helpful places to check out on the web beforehand. has a helpful guide to setting up a running routine. It's also very easy to modify this plan to match your own personal preferences, which I found myself doing. There are even links to other pages on topics such as how to warm-up, breathing tips, and what I consider to be the paramount factor, shoes.

A key piece of equipment for any runner has to be a comfortable pair of shoes. After all, your feet go through a lot of strain when you run for any period of time, so you should go out of your way to make it as easy for them as you can. Especially since you're the one who will deal with all the complaining later if you don't. For myself, I find that a pair of Nike Airs will get me to where I'm going and back with minimal complaining from my "Running Bosses." However, there are no shortage of options out there, and I would highly recommend spending the time to find the right shoe for you.

Here are some other things to keep in mind: