My job chose me...

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I didn't plan to become a journalist. I just wanted to travel, meet new people and learn about new cultures. Out of all the professions that I could choose from, International journalism seemed to suit these criteria the best.

So I entered the College of Journalism in my home country and guess what I learned during the first semester? Only a few journalists out of a couple thousand working in Ukraine are actually traveling for jobs abroad. Most media professionals writing about International events simply translate and adapt Reuters and AP stories for print and broadcast without leaving the newsroom. This was not the life style I wanted at the age of 18.

So I decided to focus on culture and social events. I interned for a TV company that allowed me to switch from their International department to the general news department. That was the moment when I discovered my passion for TV reporting. As a freshmen reporter I sometimes worked 15 hours per day. I was also still in school. For four years, I rarely had a free weekend or vacation. I was prohibited to turn my cell phone off at night as well. As a journalist I had to be ready to report 24/7.

This was hard work. However, I was compensated with travelling and exciting experiences. I visited each region and city of my country. I saw how super wealthy people live in modern versions of castles and how village families with 4 kids survive only on Grandma's pension.

Later on, I began to travel to Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, and the US. Finally, my dream came true. I traveled.

I am the author of multiple TV news-stories and documentaries. Below are the links to a few. Most of these were produced during my internship with Voice of America in the summer of 2010, however some are from Ukraine.

Hanging house story

Eat local movement story

Comparason of admission processes to US and Ukrainian universities

American political fundraising

American experts on Ukrainian political situation

Spy museum story

A story on how a Ukrainian farmer fought alcoholism among his workers

A story on how Internet thiefs tried to sell fake test answers to Ukrainian students

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