This is an installation I saw in one of the DC museums and I added me


Doing yoga:)


Obama chair:)

I love art. Art is something that anybody can do. In this photograph, I stood in front of somebody else's installation and I created my own art. I think people should be more expressive and not afraid to test their talents. I know a professional artist in Orlando and his hobby is teaching people how to make paper mushrooms. Find the tutorial on Doug Rhodehamel's web-site. The concept is that anyone can be an artist. We all are gifted.

I discovered Yoga one year ago. It simply makes me happy and less stressed. I notice that, after a session, almost everyone walks out of the gym with a smile and in better mood.

I like the pace and intensity of politics. Crisis, scandal... you never get bored. One day I dream to become a high-ranked political consultant, but for now it is just a hobby.

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