Me + suitcases...

Annapolis, MD Me and a suitcase

Hi, I am Nataliya (My friends call me Natalie). I am a Ukrainian Fulbright scholar, currently pursuing my Master's degree at the University of Florida. Before coming to the USA I was a TV journalist for many years. While working for TV networks, I interviewed leading world politicians, I traveled to cover overseas stories and I witnessed a revolution in my home country. As for extreme experiences... I was once threatened to be shot while investigating a story. Another time I crawled under a train to witness a conflict on the other side. I also spent one long New Year's Eve reporting from Kyiv's central square in freezing 5F weather.

This web-site is about my traveling and work. I visited many exciting places as a TV journalist so suitcases are part of my lifestyle. Sometimes I would unpack my bag and the next day I was told to leave home again. In Russian we have a special expression for this life-style - "living on suitcases."

And you know what? I think I was born for this way of life!

It is hard to believe but the first few days of my life were spent sleeping in a suitcase. A dark, leather travelling bag was my baby cradle for a while. My parents were not homeless. We always had a house. But I was born in the middle of a Soviet-era recession when all shops were empty. This was called the "deficit." Mom and Dad had to use all of their possible connections and half-legal schemes to buy me a normal bed. Finally, at the age of two weeks, I slept in my first proper bed.

This "experience" of living in a suitcase must have had some kind of symbolic impact on my future. Throughout my life I have chosen a life of travel. I get a rush visiting other places and learning about other cultures..

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