Want a little art in your life? Keep these tips in mind.

Know where you're going

Use a map for reference. With Rollins College and a beautiful shopping district in the area, keep your eyes peeled while driving. It's easy to overlook the museum.

Park for free.

Winter Park provides free parking on the top floor of the garage beside the museum.

Take sunglasses and some cash.

Wear the glasses for the trip from the garage to the museum's front door. The lobby is kept extremely dark in order to display the stained glass more easily. If your eyes are still adjusting to the change in lighting, it can be awkward when paying the receptionist. Tickets cost $5 for adults, $4 for seniors and $1 for students. Kids get in free, but remember the place is full of stained glass and other fragile works of art.

Don't lean in too close to the art.

The museum security guards are friendly even if you set off the alarms, but it's still embarrassing. Speaking from experience, be especially careful in the lamp room, where the monitors seem particularly sensitive.

Respect museum etiquette.

If you aren't familiar with art museums, the staff and other visitors expect quiet and hope for curiosity from you. Imagine you're in a movie theater where friends answer your whispered questions.

Leave time for the chapel.

After circling the chapel and seeing the baptistery, plant yourself on one of the wooden pews and look around. Take in everything: the electrolier above you, the stained glass panels behind you and the peacock mosaic in front of you.

Don't be afraid.

Too many people avoid art museums because they feel somehow uncultured or are worried the art will be too highbrow for them to relate to. Don't fret. I consider the Morse an "entry-level" museum for people testing the waters of the art world. People from all walks of life can appreciate it. Far from just boring paintings hanging on the walls, exhibits include furniture, jewelry and the aforementioned chapel. Everyday objects make the exhibit relatable while their decorations make them fantastical. And don't worry about asking for information on each piece: every section has a stack of information sheets to sate your curiosity.