Heading to my favorite park? Here are a few things you need to know.

Know where you're going

Use a map for reference. It's easiest to get to the park via US 301 and Maple Lane.

If possible, visit in spring or summer.

The park is beautiful year-round, but the bulk of the flowers bloom in the warmer months. Also, the summer rains fill the ponds and streams, making the foot bridges look even more picturesque.

Take a camera.

You're likely to want to capture a moment while observing the butterflies and unfamiliar plants. Don't forget to take a picture under the rose arbor!

Take $2.

Hillsborough County parks recently began charging admission. The nominal fee covers everyone in your car and is worth the peace and quiet.

Pack a lunch.

Even if you're not the picnicking type, remember to bring drinks. The park has water fountains, but the boardwalk seems awfully long without a water bottle during summer.

Look everywhere inside the greenhouse

This tiny building is filled front to back, floor to ceiling with floral inspiration. Even if you're not interested in the dainty orchid blooms, you can still enjoy the rare ferns or even the simple joy of the clean, oxygenated air within the greenhouse.