Images of a Not-So-Starving Artist

For me, art isn't a hobby; it's a habit. Besides school, football and family, my life revolves around visual art. I've been an aspiring artist since I was able to hold a crayon in my shaky toddler's grip. You know the impossibly fat ones they give kindergarteners? I loved those things.

Over the years, I've created pieces using pen, pencils, charcoal, paints, collage and, most recently, computer software. Without a set style, I've drawn everything from realistic portraits to simplistic web comics. However, the UF community is probably most familiar with my work at the Independent Florida Alligator newspaper, where I produce the editorial cartoons using pen and watercolor.

At the moment, I'm designing the front page for the Alligator's Homecoming edition and possibly a T-shirt for the UF chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. I'll post these designs as I finish them, but for now, you can look at the pictures on the right.

On the top is a portrait of Brandon Boyd, the lead singer for the band Incubus, executed in pencils.

The picture in the middle was done as an illustration for a story I wrote. It's in colored pencils and pen.

The most recent image is on the bottom. This is a character design completed in Photoshop for my sister. I'm still getting used to my pen tablet and digital art in general.

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